Our range of products includes manhole covers and both lamellar and spheroidal grids in accordance with the European Standards concerning both the product (EN124) and the raw materials. During the past years, our range of items has widened in order to meet more and more the ever increasing customers' demand and fulfil their specific requirements of dimensions, weights and design.

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As a result of the historical evolution of the raw materials and the plastic material introduction into the building and piping industry (during the '60s - 70s), in order to keep up with the times and replace the traditional cast iron, our company has founded its Plastic Material division. During the past years this field has steadly grown and its development has ranged from the building industry (PVS, PP, PE pipes, elbows, etc...) to waterworks (pipes, elbows, gate valves, etc...) and chemical industry by introducing more suitable and modern raw materials.

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